Boost your mold efficiency

Forget late part delivery and extend your mold life. The MATIX Box and the dynamic Dashboard integrated monitor your molds efficiency in real time.

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Easy to install & always connected, wherever your molds are

NB-IoT Technology

It uses networks connected only to the cloud, it’s safe from hackers.

Data Security

Advanced data encryption and transmission.


2 years battery life with replaceable battery.

Accurate accelerometer

It can be installed at any point on the moving part of the mold.

Online Monitoring 24/7

Shot count, cycle time, uptime, utilization rate, maintenance, alarms.

Real time geolocation

Real time position of your mold.

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Increase your mold efficiency and extend its life

By simply attaching the IoT sensor onto any mold the device will automatically track and transmit data on a 24 hour basis wherever your molds are.

Automatic data collection ensures a smooth and errorless process.

Gain control of your molds and integrate your supply chain data

Shot count, cycle time, uptime, utilization rate, maintenance, alarms. Everything you need to know in a real time digital platform that monitors and processes your mold production data into relevant insights and data.

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Forget late part delivery and stock shortage

Analyzing the performance of your suppliers allows you to optimize your time to market and immediately prevent late part delivery:

Get your production daily data in real-time

Set custom alarms to automate the process

Alarms of mold stopped or tampered with

Be notified in case of problems


Mold efficiency

Through monitoring of performance and availability indicators



Reduced auditing costs, reporting costs and stockout


Mold life

Through monitoring of predictive and corrective maintenance


Supply costs

Through greater collaboration with suppliers that unlock OEE increase


Easy to install, extremely accurate data

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An extremely precise accelerometer tracks and collects your molds performance.

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Data sharing

All acquired data is sent using GPRS technology and saved later in the cloud.

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Real-time report

Access your dashboard from any device (PC, tablet, smartphone) and view the data collected.

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The most advanced technology to provide
in-depth analytics

The new Industrial IOT device for telemetry of metal and plastic injection molds provides accurate detection and dynamic visualization of production data, in real time.

Instantaneous and historical Cycle Time of production

Hours of work and downtime per shift of production

Alarms of mold stopped or tampered with

High heat tolerance which makes it resistant up to 150°C

Geolocation of your molds

Access your production data in real-time

A cloud-based platform that integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to promote optimal asset management, quality parts production and supply chain resiliency.

Parameters such as shot counts, cycle time, temperature, pressure, as well as asset location and utilization rates are constantly monitored, leaving no blind spots for organizational asset management.

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Improve your production efficiency in just a few weeks

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