March 27, 2024

4 min read

COAST Systems and Matix Announce Partnership to Deliver NB-IoT Technology to COAST Customers

COAST Systems, a global mold asset management solutions provider, is pleased to announce a technology partnership with Matix, a leader in intelligent mold management, that enables a no-gateway digitized approach to mold asset management.

The partnership will combine each mold asset management company’s unique technologies, creating a simpler, safer, and more complete approach for large-scale plastic manufacturers to gain total control of their mold assets and achieve greater business continuity and success.

“We are thrilled to embark on this partnership with Matix, leveraging its proprietary Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) technology to enhance connectivity and security within COAST Systems Mold Asset Management software,” said Jerry Sherman, COAST president. “The Matix cellular network technology provides continuous cellular connectivity, enabling seamless data exchange among various mobile devices, which is essential for mold asset management digitization that requires constant monitoring and real-time data processing,” Sherman commented. “The removal of an application programming interface (API) or other gateways means our customers no longer have to worry about configuring and managing additional software or hardware components, which reduces complexity and potential attack surfaces and points of vulnerability in the IoT ecosystem.”

With the new partnership, COAST customers gain access to the Matix Box, a low-power IoT device that mounts on the mold for the duration its life cycle to measure production data. The Matix box uses an accelerometer that detects impacts and counts the number of hits the mold makes. “For years, we’ve been helping our customers realize that utilization is the key aspect to predicting and budgeting for the future since every tool has a lifespan,” said Sherman. “By installing the Matix Box at any point of the moving part of their molds, customers can monitor shot counts, cycle times, uptime, utilization rates, maintenance activities, and more 24/7 through our integrated platform,” Sherman noted.

“Matix brings a cutting-edge suite of solutions to the digitized tooling management space that perfectly complement COAST’s cloud-based technology, creating an all-encompassing enterprise offering that allows OEMs to know where all their mold assets are and what condition they are in at any given time,” said Riccardo Pistorello, Matix CEO. “Together, our companies have created a compelling and convenient solution for OEMs and their manufacturing partners to embrace digitization, enabling them to reap the benefits of accurate tracking and visibility in their molding processes and along the supply chain anywhere in the world,” Pistorello added.

COAST Systems and Matix serve a broad range of plastic manufacturers, including the food and beverage, health and beauty, pharmaceutical, packaging, automotive, industrial, consumer, and Medical industries. Both partner companies have demonstrated their offerings produce veritable results for customers, which include increased mold efficiency, extended mold life, reduced downtime, and lower supply chain costs. COAST Systems’ Mold Asset Management software is flexible, configurable, and scalable with site-based licenses that allow for unlimited users.

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