May 24, 2024

6 min read

Matix: Revolutionizing Industry with Smart Sensors

Just as pulse oximeters monitored human health during the pandemic, Matix sensors -  an Azzurro Digitale spin-off - are transforming the monitoring of industrial processes and equipment. Matix specifically focuses on the costly molds used to produce plastic and metal components, which are essential for everyday consumer goods.

A Year of Success

In its first year, Matix generated €420,000 in revenue, thanks to the versatility and ease of application of its sensors. These can be installed on a wide range of molds and equipment, setting them apart from traditional sensors.

Global Vision

"You can build a global business even from Padua," says Riccardo Pistorello, CEO of Matix. Recently, the company participated in an acceleration program in Silicon Valley and promoted its new asset management platform at a trade show in Florida. These events have solidified the international presence of the Padua-based startup.

Matix's Mission

"The goal is to make equipment intelligent and capable of communicating any malfunctions or potential breakdowns," explains Pistorello. Matix aims to improve industrial asset management with simple and independent solutions, addressing the challenges of global outsourcing.

Innovation in Manufacturing

Molds are expensive and crucial for mass production. Matix sensors, adaptable to all types of industrial molds, offer a modular solution that collects various parameters. By integrating with Matix's asset monitoring platform, the data is processed to provide insights that help prevent process issues and breakdowns. This approach can generate significant savings for companies by preventing costly failures.

How It Works

1. Adaptability: Matix sensors adapt to all equipment and types of industrial molds.

2. Monitoring Platform: The platform processes the data and provides insights to prevent process issues and breakdowns.

Product Expansion

Not just molds: Matix is developing a family of sensors applicable to all industrial equipment. In plastic injection processes, for example, Matix sensors can detect misuse or process problems based on the analysis of temperature, pressure, and flow data, anticipating quality issues and breakdowns.

Team of Excellence

Among the co-founders of Matix are electronic engineers Marco Barbetta and Marco La Grassa, who are responsible for developing the hardware and software infrastructure. Sensor production is managed directly from the Padua headquarters.


Matix is revolutionizing the industry with innovative and easy-to-implement solutions, improving the efficiency of industrial asset management and reducing costs associated with failures and maintenance. With a global vision and a strong technical team, Matix aims to become a leader in the industrial sensor sector. Learn more about how Matix is transforming the future of industry.

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